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What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented Reality is a technology wherein digital data merges with our real world environment to bring to life a static printed image on a magazine, newspaper, packaging carton, or any other surface. All this is possible thru your smart phone, tablet or the soon to be launched wearable devices. Your printed brochure can now depict 3 dimensional models of your product; play videos associated with the products or showcase a focused detailed audio-video presentation to the person viewing the printed material. Even a visiting card can now ‘talk’ and convey a powerful message! Digital content can be in any form: they could be animated models with graphics, 3D renditions, walkthrough presentations, corporate audio visual presentations, demonstrating products through videos, connectivity to the web….. All this happens seamlessly, giving you an amazing experience. XPLOAR is a free to download App from Google PlayStore (for Android devices) or Apple App. Store for (for iPhone and iPad devices).

Launch the application, point the device at any image printed with the XPLOAR logo, scan it and enjoy the experience!

3 Step Process

1. Launch the application
2. Point the device at any image printed with the XPLOAR logo
3. Scan it and enjoy the experience!

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