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Library of Packaging Designs

The EngView Library has more than 1 500 parametric packaging designs for folding carton and corrugated board, as well as complex resizable structures for rigid board. It consists of ECMA and FEFCO standards as well as of many other designs developed as part of the software. Each parametric design can be opened in EngView’s packaging CAD or the Adobe Illustrator plug-in and used as a basis of a custom jobs. The predefined 3D model, which is part of each parametric design, gives users the ability to work smoothly and see the changes made over the structure. To have this ability a 3D Presenter module must be included into the packaging software configuration.

Library of Displays

The Library of Displays is a searchable collection of parametric POP/POS displays and complex multipart designs – furniture, walls, booths, kids’ corners and many others. The applied materials are corrugated and inverted corrugated board. The second section is being developed with the professional cooperation of Xanita Pty.

Drafting with Parametric Components

The Drafting module offers a set of tools that covers the entire process of drawing and editing a structural design. EngView's packaging software includes a rich library of drag-and-drop parametric components, making design creation easier and smarter than never before.

All components resize automatically relative to the structure they are snapped to. When a parametric component is used in the assembly of a resizable design, adjustments in the component's dimensions are made by altering parameter values, not by corrections in the drawing -- a method that ensures the project's structural integrity.

3d Presenter

The 3D Presenter module is one of the brightest stars in the EngView’s packaging CAD. It’s the environment for virtual prototyping of packaging and POP/POS displays through realistic 3D modeling.

The module eliminates the inconvenience that may come from incorrect artwork because of the precise synchronization between the 2D structure and its 3D previews.

It also gives the chance for not only designing a splendid structure but also representing it in a proper way. For this purpose, the 3D Presenter includes a number of finishing effects - backing, varnishing, foil stamping, embossing as well.

Тhe realistic prototyping requires no efforts – the EngView’s software provides a live 3D PDF export.

Integration with Adobe Illustrator

EngView’s packaging software is integrated with Adobe Illustrator. The plug-in lets graphic designers easily apply artwork onto structural drawings. Verifying the results in the 3D environment happens quickly and without efforts.

Just a click, and 3D PDF presentations of animated structures, completed with graphics and finishing effects are available. Users can inspect the product prototype and make changes on it immediately.

Designing an attention-grabbing packaging has never been so easy!

Layout Optimizer

The Layout Optimizer module is a base for the production. It allows users of the EngView’s packaging software to place one-up designs onto the sheet. It also gives them statistical information about the waste area - a critically important production factor which is displayed immediately allowing the comparison between alternative solutions.

Layout can be created according to a predefined template or manually - to address complex or non-typical arrays. EngView’s CAD calculates a number of possible options thus guiding the packaging production flow in a smart way and reducing its cost.

Nesting Layout

The Nesting Layout is a layout optimizer in which multipart POP/POS displays are automatically arranged on the sheet.

You can start producing a single display or whole series of the same directly after you have agreed on its structure and design in 3D. You need only generate layouts out of its components, send them to a cutter to be cut, and then assemble the cut components into actual displays. The entire process can begin directly from the 3D drawing.

A list of automatic array variants ranked by least-waste criteria offers a set of choices for the best technological case.

Cost Estimator

The Cost Estimator is a module within the EngView’s packaging software that allows calculating production cost according to customer-set parameters and rules. By using different cost models, production cases such as layout production, diemaking projects and others can be addressed and estimated.

All alternatives are based on fully editable cost models and are calculated automatically. The estimations take into account also the data regarding packaging designs from the Project Organizer.


The EngView’s packaging software and its CAM module offer production personnel full control of all makes and models of cutting plotters and lasers used within the industry. The functionality finds the optimum tool path in order to minimize cutting time. It also filters objects and associates them with the appropriate tools.

The NC machine can be driven directly through the COM port, or export the NC code to a file. Package Designer provides an animation of the cutting process, tracing the tool path. This is important as a final verification step before cutting. The CAM postprocessor can be also used to operate the samplemakers.

Varnish Blanket Design

This module enables users of EngView’s packaging software to take advantage of the automatic generation of rubber varnish blankets for plotter cutouts.

Using the module makes rubber cutting so precise that no waste is left after the process is finished.

Also available are modifications such as adding fillets, chamfers.

Dieboard Design

The team behind the EngView’s packaging software has created the Dieboard Design Module with the aim to guide die professionals through all the stages of designing a fully functional diecutting board and the accompanying waste stripping dies.

Users can either select the automatic or manual placement of stripping and balancing rules depending on the specific technological needs. The manufacturing process happens in a way that keeps errors at a minimum.

The Dibeoard Design Module covers the 1up design, the optimized layout, dieboard design with rule placement, counterplates and stripping rules and is suitable to all kinds of production equipment used by the industry.

Counterplate Design

One of the EngView’s packaging software capabilities is the assisting and automating the design of pertinax counterplates.

In Package Designer Suite, the design of a counterplate is technologically linked with the design of the cutting die. The connection between the design of the die and the counterplate takes place in the initial 1up design. In it, special indicators (markers) are placed which ensure the correct positioning of the counterplate against the cutting die.

Because of the high-quality of the resultant creasing, the use of counterplates guarantees that the cut packaging will meet superior design requirements.

Stripping Dies Design

With the EngView’s packaging software you can generate the tools — male and female stripping dies, as well as a front stripper — that push the waste material off the dieboard so that only the usable, non-waste, material remains.

The stripping dies are generated after the definition of the die contours. Generally, the male and the female stripping dies are generated simultaneously; however, each one of them can be generated also separately.

EngView Project Organizer

EngView Project Organizer is a product data management (PDM) system, part of the EngView’s packaging software. It is a standalone application that organizes in one database all files, designs and the entire customer relationship history. It manages the process of creation, editing, and archiving of information, files, and documents that relate to customers and their orders. The system allows everyone at a company to keep track of the work process for each order, to send e-mails directly, and to generate reports needed for the overall management.

Project Organizer assists designers in their work with the Suite’s CAD/CAM products; it is fully integrated with the EngView's packaging software in a combination that merges the full control over the design work with the ability for immediate response to changes in customers' specifications.

EngView Synergy

EngView Synergy is a CAD tool for creating resizale designs for the packaging industry. The program is developed on the award-winning Variational and Parametric Design technology, in which objects are drawn and modified by using parameters for various constructional characteristics. EngView Synergy's technology is built on the interaction of intra- and inter-object relations and parameters, which enables new designs to evolve from existing drawings. The designing process consists in the automatic rebuilding and redrawing of entire structures by the simple modification of parametric data in an existing model.

The technology also underlies the EngView libraries for packaging and POP/ POS displays and lets designers develop custom parametric catalogs.

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